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NIO+ Adult

Intraosseous device in durable and compact case

  • The NIO+ Adult™ is a durable, reliable IO device built to withstand harsh conditions and challenging environments. Packaged in an ultra-compact hard-shell case that easily stores in a small medical pouch, the NIO+ Adult™ is a practical solution for limited-storage scenarios. The NIO+ Adult™ features a reinforced core, which resists elevated thermal temperatures, making it an ideal solution for extreme environments.

  • The NIO+ Adult is the only single use automatic, all-in-one, ultra-compact intraosseous device for first responders that delivers vascular access in 10 seconds. There are no needles to purchase, no batteries, assembly, or extra parts required.

  • Self-contained device with no exposed needle

  • Pre-set needle penetration depth.

  • 5-year extreme temperature shelf life: The NIO+ Adult™ can be stored either at room temperature for 5 years or at 50°C for up to 5 years in the US (up to 3 years in EU countries), making it an ideal solution for extreme environments.

  • Sterile and single-use device—eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

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