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NIO Pediatric

Pediatric Intraosseous device 

  • When you need immediate vascular access in pediatric patients, you can be confident that the NIO Pediatric™ is complete and ready to use — no batteries, assembly, or extra parts required.

  • Its provider-friendly design features a removable red spacer, which adjusts the penetration depth from 14mm to 18mm, accommodating pediatric patients 3–12 years old. With redundant safety features and built-in locating arrows that aid insertion site identification, you can trust the NIO Pediatric™ to deliver safe, rapid IO access.

  • The NIO has proven to be safe on the bone and resulted in zero incidents of bone fracture as observed by post-insertion x-rays.

  • A recent study evaluated common user errors related to needle placement and found that even when placed up to 5cm from the correct insertion site, the NIO maintained an 85% success rate.

  • Built-in unique locating arrows aid with insertion site identification, simplifying the procedure for providers.

  • Preset needle penetration depth (14mm for 3–9 y/o; 18mm for 9–12 y/o) simplifying the procedure and helping to prevent over-penetration.

  • Automatic device, no batteries, assembly, or extra parts required

  • Pocket-sized and lightweight

  • Sterile and single-use—eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

  • Self-contained device with no exposed needle

  • 5-year shelf life (at room temp.)

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