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Electric Ambulance Stretcher

  • Superior electric stretcher with high autonomy equipped with numerous functions for easy handling.

  • Incorporated hydraulic lifting system, and can lift loads up to 300 kg without any assistance. It has two batteries, which gives it exceptional autonomy and complete safety in operation.

  • Complete management of the stretcher from the operator's position.

  • Intuitive control panel, simple, functional and independent.

  • Headrest adjustment, with a shock absorber to reduce vibrations and sudden movements.

  • Footrest with two-point adjustment and two shock absorbers.

  • 4 large (160mm) rotating wheels that can be easily and quickly locked with the help of a pedal.

  • The side safety rails are lowered longitudinally and laterally.

  • The headrest has a telescopic frame that makes it easier to maneuver in hard-to-reach places.

  • Adjustable infusion holder.

  • Three-point safety belts.

  • Aluminum plate for CPR.

  • Hydraulic fail-safe release system.

  • Stretcher option for carrying/transporting the incubator.

  • The possibility of loading and fixing in all types and types of vehicles, with the help of several types of rails / fasteners.

  • 10G certified.

  • Load capacity 300 kg.

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