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Kartsana JUPITER

Two-part ambulance stretcher


  • Very high-quality, robust and functional aluminum two-part folding stretcher for an Ambulance vehicle.

  • 8-position undercarriage, large front wheels with fixed or swivel wheels and rear swivel wheels, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, safety system to prevent the stretcher from collapsing, folding front handles.

  • Upper part (stretcher) with headrest adjustment, two-point footrest adjustment, side rails fold down laterally and longitudinally, folding infusion holder, aluminum CPR plate, 4 telescopic handles, telescopic central handles, safety belts (shoulders, abdomen, legs).

  • Vibration and shock absorbers under the head and leg rests.

  • The possibility of loading and fixing in all kinds and types of vehicles, with the help of several types of rails/fixators.

  • The possibility of mounting and transporting the incubator.

  • 10G certified.

  • Load capacity 280 kg.

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