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EGO ZLIN Bio-bag

Transport Isolation Bag

  • A highly functional isolation device tested in practice in the most demanding conditions and used to transport a person infected with a highly contagious disease or a person who needs to be protected from the external environment (usually in the case of reduced immunity of the patient).

  • Over the years, the design solution of these stretchers has undergone several modifications, and the current form is among the best in this field.

  • Produced by high-frequency welding technology.

  • Large windows allow monitoring of the patient's health inside the Bio-bag stretcher.

  • 3 pairs of replaceable gloves that allow basic procedures to be performed during transport.

  • Reliable patient fixation system during transport.

  • Self-supporting system composed of an aluminum frame with the possibility of fixation on another transport device (trolley, stretcher, fixator in the means of transport...).

  • Large inlet port with the possibility of connecting accompanying respiratory equipment.

  • The filters are located outside the tarp and can be replaced.
    They are placed safely out of the reach of the transported patient.

  • Entry ports for insertion of infusion hoses, drains and ECG electrode cables.

  • Possibility of decontamination and reuse.

  • Packed in a compact bag for carrying and storage.

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