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Laerdal BaXstrap

Spinal board


  • The Laerdal BaXstrap Spinal Board provides the highest quality and most comfortable treatment for patients requiring emergency transport.

  • As one of the lightest yet strongest spineboards on the market, the BaXstrap Spineboard prepares rescuers for any situation.

  • Durable and uniquely shaped design, light and strong carbon fiber core allows the board to remain completely rigid even when transporting extremely heavy patients.

  • Due to its waterproof qualities, it can be used in all environmental conditions and is easily stored for transport. The board floats about 5-10 cm below the surface of the water, for easier loading during rescue in the water.

  • In combination with the Laerdal SpeedBlock head fixator and the Laerdal Stifneck cervical collars or the Laerdal Stifneck Select adjustable spinal collar, the perfect spinal system is obtained that facilitates the complete immobilization of patients, all with the aim of providing the best possible care in emergency situations.

  • MRI, CT, X-ray compatible.

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