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Celox FoxSeal Vented

Dressing For Open Chest Wounds with vents

  • FoxsealTM Vented is a unique 360 degree  Hyper-Vent system and the first ever chest seal with 512 vents giving you more ways to release pressure, prevent blockages and save a life.

  • Fast application in any orientation.

  • 512 vents to release air and prevent the development of tension pneumothorax.

  • Effective vent performance even if creased.

  • Easy grip re-seal tab, allows to peel the dressing off, apply decompression and re-seal when ready, maintaining strong adhesion.

  • Works on uneven or curved surfaces, under clothing or body armour.

  • Solid adhesion proven in extreme conditions.

  • Forms a complete seal.

  • Enables rapid lifesaving decompression, without the need to replace the dressing.

  • Pack can be folded or rolled to fit inside pocket or small IFAK (wet/dry) for long periods without loss of performance.

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