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Celox FoxSeal

Occlusive Dressing For Open Chest Wounds

  • Foxseal Chest Seal is a pioneering occlusive dressing for the treatment of open chest wounds as a tool in prevention of pneumothorax.

  • Compact, fits IFAK without folding, to avoid creases.

  • Strong adhesion in extreme conditions.

  • Two per pack for ballistic wounds.

  • Simple no-valve design.

  • Vent with large, easy to operate tab.

  • Other dressing options are often folded when carried in kits, leading to a permanent crease which can prevent a true seal. Foxseal is a compact size to fit neatly into pouches, to avoid creasing.

  • Two seals per pack allow entry and exit wounds to be treated. Patient monitoring is vital in these injury types and the design is a simple valve-free option, for simple use. The chest can be vented with the easily-gripped tab and the adhesive re-seals.

  • Foxseal Chest seal is a single use dressing that is not made with Latex. Supplied sterile. 

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