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Trauma clamp device


  • In the face of traumatic injuries, where every second counts, iTClamp® stands as a beacon of innovation.

  • This patented medical device is a "game changer" in the field of bleeding control, designed specifically for the temporary treatment of severe bleeding in critical areas such as extremities, axillae, inguinal regions, scalp and neck.

  • How does it work? By ingeniously temporarily closing the wound, the iTClamp® not only mitigates further blood loss, but also triggers the formation of a hematoma (blood clot) beneath the surface.

  • The secret lies in the physical pressure exerted by the iTClamp® and the underlying hematoma, which seamlessly equalizes with the patient's blood pressure.

  • This dynamic balance effectively prevents additional blood loss, providing a stabilized clot that does not require further intervention until the wound undergoes surgical repair.

  • Image: See the iTClamp® in action—clamping a carotid wound on an X-ray, demonstrating its unparalleled effectiveness.

  • Research, supported by numerous field cases, highlights iTClamp® as a superior choice compared to traditional wound packing.

  • In terms of patient survival, survival time and total blood loss, iTClamp® consistently outperforms, making it the best solution for emergency medical personnel.

  • Its application is associated with minimal pain for the patient, ensuring an easier and more comfortable experience during critical moments.

  • It is recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) of the US Department of Defense.

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