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Semi-automatic and fully automatic AED with QCPR

  • It has all the same functions as the basic model - SMARTY SAVER, but also an additional module for QCPR (quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation), which is connected to the device with the help of Bluetooth.

  • There are LED indicators on the front of the device that indicate the quality of CPR performance.

  • Together with an acoustic metronome and voice prompts (available in Serbian), the operator can count on real-time support for correctly providing the frequency and depth of compressions during CPR (in accordance with the latest international guidelines - ERC).

  • The semi-automatic model, after checking the patient's ECG, if a shockable rhythm is detected, automatically starts charging for defibrillation. When ready to shock, the operator will need to press the shock button to deliver defibrillation. Then the CPR phase begins via voice prompts and a metronome.

  • The fully automatic model, when ready to shock, will automatically deliver a defibrillation shock after 5 seconds according to voice prompts.

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