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Semi-automatic and fully automatic AED with QCPR and Geolocation 

  • It has all the same functions as the SMARTY SAVER PLUS model, but in addition to the module for QCPR, it also has an additional module for geolocation.

  • The integrated SIM card allows the device to transmit and receive data via the mobile phone network. The battery power supply intended for the geolocation module is autonomous and does not depend on the battery for the basic functioning of the defibrillator.

  • All information is sent by the device to the AMISAVERCLOUD PLATFORM, which is designed to monitor and control multiple AEDs remotely via any web browser and device connected to the Internet.

  • Among the information and data sent to the platform, the AED can transmit the ECG in real time, so that the professional operator will be able to see and review the ECG remotely on the AMISAVERCLOUD PLATFORM.

  • Finally, through the dedicated VIVO BUTTON located on the keyboard, the operator will be able to call local emergency services directly through the AED device.

  • Voice prompts are also available in Serbian language.

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