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Semi-automatic AED with ECG monitoring for healthcare workers and trained rescuers

  • Robust, small and light AED with ECG monitoring capability.

  • Completely reliable for trained users with advanced capabilities that help improve life-saving outcomes.

  • While in AED mode, it provides the user with ECG monitoring and everything they need to know about the patient and ongoing rescue treatment on a very large 5.7'' (12x8cm) full color interactive display.

  • It can be switched to ECG monitoring mode to allow rhythm and heart rate monitoring while using defibrillation leads or standard ECG leads connected via an ECG cable.

  • It comes in various options: with maximum energy of 200J or 360J, with rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery and with or without IR port and thermal printer.

  • Voice and on-screen messages in Serbian.

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