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Semi-automatic and fully automatic AEDs

  • The most basic members of the SAVER ONE series of Automatic External Defibrillators, suitable for use as Public Access Defibrillators - PAD (Public access defibrillator ).

  • They come in several options and variants: with a maximum energy of 200J or 360J, in a semi-automatic or fully automatic version, with a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery.

  • Designed to help save lives in all public circumstances and optimized for the rapid delivery of defibrillation therapy, anytime, anywhere and before the arrival of the emergency team.

  • The fully automatic model is specifically designed to allow rescuers to focus on the victim as the shock, if instructed to do so, will be delivered automatically. Practical and very easy to use. Very intuitive with pictograms and flashing icons and clear voice messages in Serbian to guide and support ordinary rescuers, through every step for an effective life-saving protocol.

  • Voice prompts available in Serbian language.

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