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Pediatric vein finder device

  • A clinically proven pediatric vein finder that simplifies and improves venous access in children ages 0-17.

  • PEDI2 uses lateral transillumination to make veins more visible and accessible.

  • It allows healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately locate suitable veins for IV access in pediatric patients.

  • This reduces the time, frustration and discomfort associated with traditional techniques for finding small or weak veins.

  • Healthcare professionals can use the Veinlite PEDI2 to achieve 100% success in pediatric venous access and eliminate multiple failed IV attempts.

  • In clinical trials, first-try success rates were significantly higher using Veinlite than standard of care (93% vs. 72%).

  • Fewer IV access errors.

  • Faster, more accurate results.

  • Improved patient satisfaction.

  • Suitable for pediatric patients of all ages and skin tones.

  • Clinically proven to improve vein access success rates.

  • Weight: only 29g (with batteries)

  • Dimensions: 40.8mm x 86.6mm x 21mm

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