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Device for finding veins in newborns

  • With its unique combination of transillumination through the body, adjustable colors and light settings, the Veinlite NEO is the ideal tool for providing venous access in the NICU.

  • Its compact design makes it easy to hold and use even in the smallest neonatal patients.

  • By helping healthcare providers quickly locate veins and arteries in infants, the Veinlite NEO can help reduce the time it takes to perform difficult IV insertions.

  • Veinlite NEO is the ideal solution for veins and arteries in newborns.

  • Fewer IV access errors.

  • Faster, more accurate results.

  • It reveals both veins and arteries.

  • Designed for newborns.

  • Clinically proven to improve vein access success rates.

  • Weight: only 29g (with batteries).

  • Dimensions: 96.1mm x 19mm x 16.5mm.

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