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Vein finder

  • The ultimate tool for clinical and dental venous access procedures.

  • Using lateral transillumination technology, the LED+ reveals underlying venous structures, including veins, valves, and bifurcations up to 6 mm deep.

  • Its patented design aids in venous access by gently providing traction that prevents vein rolling.

  • As a result, medical professionals of all experience levels can more easily perform successful venipuncture procedures – reducing the need for multiple attempts and minimizing patient discomfort, in all types of patients, even those more challenging for IV access: elderly, obese, darker skinned, etc.

  • In clinical trials, first-try success rates were significantly higher using Veinlite than standard of care (93% vs. 72%).

  • Fewer access errors IV.

  • Improved patient satisfaction.

  • Suitable for patients of all ages and skin tones.

  • Clinically proven to improve the success rate of venous access.

  • Less material used.

  • Weight: only 77g (with batteries)

  • Dimensions: 99mm x 57mm x 21mm

  • Three color modes.

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