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Medium capacity isothermal bag with shoulder strap for sample transportation

  • With space for more than 80 blood collection tubes and dedicated gel cold packs (such as Elite Gel), this bag has sufficient capacity for the transport and short-term storage of a significant number of samples.

  • Internal and external surfaces can be easily cleaned and disinfected when necessary.

  • Isothermal lining, solid walls and sample compartments provide excellent protection from the external environment.

  • An internal sensor, which can be placed in any selected area of the main compartment, provides a constant temperature reading on the external digital display, allowing monitoring of the internal environment without the need to open the bag.

  • An adjustable, fixed shoulder strap allows the bag to be worn over the shoulder.

  • Additionally, a large transparent PVC front pocket is provided, perfect for inserting identification documents.

  • Dimensions (approx.) 26 x 26 x 16 cm; Weight about 1kg

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