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Isothermal pouch for transporting samples 

  • A specially designed pouch for the transport of clinical materials, such as blood, urine and tissue samples, at a stable temperature.

  • The sturdy construction, with a strong carrying handle and a durable double-ended zipper, allow easy and safe transport of critical biological materials intended for analysis or other similar purposes.

  • Constructed and lined with specially selected materials that provide excellent isothermal properties and easy finishing, the interior is divisable with removable fitted separators, ensuring that samples are stored safely.

  • With an internal pocket for cold chain maintenance gel, this carry-on pack is ready to use as is or can be placed in larger bags or coolers.

  • Dimensions about 26 x 20.5 x 9.5 cm

  • Weight about 1kg

  • Capacity 4l

  • Carrying capacity about 5 kg

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