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Isothermal bag for transporting samples

  • Large capacity bag with four individually removable isothermal sample pouches.

  • The main compartment is large volume, lined with liquid impermeable material that can be wiped, which serves as insulation, is easily sterilized and has excellent protection against external factors, including heat, liquids and physical abrasion.

  • The capacity of the bag is up to 300 tubes for blood collection and 24 containers for urine or stool.

  • Each removable pouch closes with a zipper and has dedicated pockets for cold gel packs (such as Elite Gel).

  • An integrated thermometer with an external digital display enables continuous monitoring of the internal temperature without the need to open the pouches and expose the samples.

  • The highly durable handle lining ensures a secure lift and carry, while the adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the bag over long distances.

  • In addition, the bag can be monitored on a wheeled cart

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