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Digiterm Comfort-4 Battery

Therapy chair with 5 motors and a batterry

  • The Comfort-4 Battery, as the name suggests, contains a long-life power supply unit, ensuring the chair's independent operation even in the event of a power failure.

  • One full charge is enough to activate the motors multiple times in case of emergency or patient transfer.

  • Applications: Chairs for donating blood, Chairs for chemotherapy, Chairs for dialysis, Chairs for infusion therapy, Chairs for plasma collection, Chairs for plasmapheresis.

  • Electric adjustment with 5 motors (backrest, seat tilt, footrest, seat height, footrest), remote control (resistance level up to IP67).

  • Wheel locking in multiple levels and in multiple ways.

  • Large selection of accessories: infusion stand, table, tablet holder, USB charger, paper holder, second armrest, central brake and much more.

  • Choice of upholstery colors in more than 50 variants.

  • Simple and easy maintenance and cleaning.

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