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Digiterm Comfort-3 Eco

Therapy chair with 3 motors

  • The Comfort-3 product line has a new lower frame structure that has been developed to meet the highest design expectations combined with ease of cleaning.

  • The Eco chair targets segments where the treatment time is shorter (up to 2 hours) and where easy entry and exit from the chair is important.

  • The footrest can be lowered to 90 degrees allowing front entry, which is comfortable even for elderly patients.

  • The size of the chair makes it possible to save at least 15% of the usable area in the clinic.

  • As safety comes first, all our reclining seat models fully meet the 14° Trendelenburg position standards.

  • Application: blood donation chairs, chemotherapy chairs, dialysis chairs, home dialysis chairs, infusion therapy chairs, plasma collection chairs, plasmapheresis chairs, TMS therapy chairs.

  • Electrical adjustment using 3 motors (+1 optional motor) via remote control resistance level up to IP67.

  • Wheel locking in multiple levels and in multiple ways.

  • Large selection of accessories: infusion stand, table, tablet holder, USB charger, paper holder, second armrest, central brake and much more.

  • Choice of upholstery colors in more than 50 variants.

  • Simple and easy maintenance and cleaning.

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